Innovation plays a crucial role in America’s health care system.

Medical innovations over the past few decades have significantly improved health outcomes for patients facing diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer, where a diagnosis was once tantamount to a death sentence. New treatments are enabling patients to manage these and other diseases, improving their quality of life and long-term survival rates.

Medical innovation is also an important economic driver, responsible for over $1.3 trillion in economic activity each year, and hundreds of thousands of jobs. According to the Milken Institute, every job in the biomedical sphere supports another 3.3 jobs elsewhere.

The Pacific Research Institute’s Center for Medical Economics and Innovation builds upon our decades of leadership in conducting extensive research on health care policy issues and championing effective solutions to improve health care delivery through innovation.

Our goal is to educate policymakers, regulators, health care professionals, the media, and the public on the critical role that new technologies play in improving health and accelerating economic growth.

The Center will:

Demonstrate the benefits that market-based reforms can offer patients and the U.S. health care system

Produce easy-to-understand data and analysis on current trends in medical science

Provide free-market analysis to evaluate current policy proposals

Break down complex issues like pharmaceutical and biomedical pricing structures