The Lars Larson Show Talks to Henry Miller About Health Implications from Protests and COVID-19 Henry Miller | June 3, 2020 Digging Up Ways to Lower Costs for High Value but Expensive Drugs - Escape the Drug Pricing Maze #5 Pacific Research Institute | June 3, 2020 Believing that we’ll have a COVID-19 vaccine anytime soon is naive Henry Miller | June 2, 2020 Metadata Meets COVID-19 Pacific Research Institute | May 28, 2020 Dr. Henry Miller Discusses Hydroxychloroquine Trials for Coronavirus Treatment with Lars Larson Henry Miller | May 27, 2020 Smoothing the Bumpy Road to Reopening Pacific Research Institute | May 27, 2020 Surviving the Pandemic Will Require Scientific, Evidence-Based Decisions Henry Miller | May 26, 2020 Read the latest on healthcare policies and drug pricing

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Sage the Detective Dog digs up clues on biologics and gene therapies – drugs that offer tremendous value for patients but are some of the most expensive drugs. Along the way, the Professor and Pete Paystoomuch learn that there are many distinct challenges to develop markets for competition and lower drug costs for each unique class of drug.

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The Center’s mission is to research and advance policies that support the continued viability and vitality of the U.S. biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to the benefit of patients and overall economic growth.

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