Dr. Henry Miller and John Batchelor Review FDA COVID-19 Guidelines Henry Miller | July 6, 2020 Escape the Drug Pricing Maze #8 – How Medicines are Sold, Part 2 Pacific Research Institute | July 1, 2020 The coronavirus's silent dental epidemic Henry Miller | June 30, 2020 Dr. Henry Miller Talks Coronavirus Vaccine, Fauci with Lars Larson Henry Miller | June 25, 2020 How To Fix The Coronavirus-Caused Glitches In The Food Supply Chain Pacific Research Institute | June 23, 2020 Listen to Sally Pipes on Next Round: Medicare for All and the COVID-19 Crisis Pacific Research Institute | June 23, 2020 The John Batchelor Show Talks U.S.-China Pharmaceutical Risk with Dr. Henry Miller Henry Miller | June 23, 2020 Read the latest on healthcare policies and drug pricing

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The Professor and Pete learn how infusion drugs – drugs that you have to go to a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital to take – are sold and how the complex pricing environment encourages the use of higher cost drugs rather than lower cost alternatives like biosimilars.

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The Center’s mission is to research and advance policies that support the continued viability and vitality of the U.S. biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to the benefit of patients and overall economic growth.

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