Dr. Henry Miller Discusses Hydroxychloroquine Trials for Coronavirus Treatment with Lars Larson Henry Miller | May 27, 2020 Smoothing the Bumpy Road to Reopening Pacific Research Institute | May 27, 2020 Surviving the Pandemic Will Require Scientific, Evidence-Based Decisions Henry Miller | May 26, 2020 The Biosimilar Opportunity: Quarterly Update Wayne Winegarden | May 22, 2020 Dr. Henry Miller Featured in Healthline: A COVID-19 Vaccine by January? Pacific Research Institute | May 20, 2020 Anti-Science Precautionary Principle Jeopardizes Health, Safety, And Risks Innovation Wayne Winegarden | May 15, 2020 ICER’s Cost Model Is Not Only Wrong It’s Also Dangerous Wayne Winegarden | May 11, 2020 Read the latest on healthcare policies and drug pricing

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Listen to Dr. Henry Miller, PRI senior fellow in health studies, discuss the move by the WHO to pause hydroxychloroquine trials for Coronavirus treatment on the nationally-syndicated Lars Larson Show.

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The Center’s mission is to research and advance policies that support the continued viability and vitality of the U.S. biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to the benefit of patients and overall economic growth.

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